From the beginnings in 1967 until the move to Höfen in 1972

The business registration of the 01.10.1967 witnesses the foundation of a paint shop for industrial parts in Schömberg/Calw by Richard Wöhr. Thus, this date can be regarded as the birth of today's company Richard Woehr GmbH. The conditions in a garage with gravelled drive weren't ideal, of course.

At the end of the sixties the German industry experienced a strong growth, a lot of companies were found, as expected accompanied by requirements of the service "painting" - the idea proves itself over decades as sustainable and successful. That's why customers have partly remained faithful to our company until yet.

01.10.1967, Geburtsstunde der heutigen Firma Richard Wöhr GmbH. In Schömberg/Calw

Until 1970 after all front panels and enclosure parts for 19“ technique, control and measurement technique are painted.


Radio- und Fernsehtechnik

Additional entering in radio and television technology.


Grundstück für neue Halle (1971)

From 03.03.1971 on, a new hall is planned, which is constructed from November 1971 in Höfen/Enz. 

1972: Transfer of the office to Höfen/Enz

After various attempts and plannings to be allowed to built an adequate production hall in Schömberg, the Richard Wöhr company is welcomed with open arms in its birthplace Höfen/Enz and builds in the industrial park Gräfenau its first hall. 

verlegung des Firmensitzes, Bild1
verlegung des Firmensitzes, Bild2
bau der Firma Richard Wöhr GmbH, Bild1
bau der Firma Richard Wöhr GmbH, Bild2

1972: Moving in in July

Firma Richard Wöhr GmbH (1972)

300 square meters were enough for the former 3-men enterprise and - as it turned out later- for the next 14 years!

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