1990 to 1997: Further extension and increased marketing and distribution activities


Change of the individual enterprise's name to Richard Wöhr Industrielackierungen GmbH ("Richard Wöhr Industrial Coatings GmbH"). Entry in register of companies on February 5th, 1991.


The both sons Stefan and Jürgen Wöhr take over the active management from their father Richard, who keeps staying on their sides, advicing and financing. 

A further extension is added, the production area increases again per 30 %.

The first own milled parts are produced by a second-hand bought double-spindle (processing of plastics, above all FR4 and plexiglas).


Introduction of an EDV-based inventory control system.

1993: First flyer

Showing what we can do - what's the use of beautiful parts if nobody knows that you have them?

On the occasion of the possibility to exhibit at the PRODUCTRONICA at the stand of a friendly enterprise, a first information leaflet is designed within short time.


Title: „Flawless surfaces improve your sales possibilities.“

The visitors of the exhibition are interested both in foils and in paintings.


Introduction of a modern PPS-Systems (ERP-Software).

1995: Reinforced marketing and distribution efforts

Who wants to keep growing has to advertise, export and improve continuously! For the exhibition in Hannover the capacity is presented for the first time in form of a brochure with the title: „Perfect surfaces of WÖHR from Höfen“.

The first export order comes from Switzerland and is about 50 foil keyboards on circuit boards with wired components. We learned a lot about the product and the possible mistakes in the former pioneering days, inter alia also that there are large differences between the production of foils and keyboards and that the product can be settled much higher by the installation of electronics.

The first standard keyboard is a SURTA-6/XT/AT and is selled 12 times immediately. The customers wish was often a standard version but with subsequent modification (circumferential plastic frame). Our flexibility hepls to satisfy the customer, which points us the further way.

We build again and double again our production area. As first official industrial representative starts Mr. Rainer Staub. In addition to that, we enter metal processing by buying a respectively suited milling machine and a bolt pressing machine.


Mr. Manfred Dürr becomes the second representative.

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