Social commitment

Richard Wöhr GmbH is committed to regional and national projects in extracts:

  • Kindergarten in Höfen
  • Förderverein Freibad Höfen
  • Jugendhaus in Bad Wildbad (Jugend Forscht Projekte)
  • ETG Enztalgymnasium Bad Wildbad
    (Technik-Preis der Richard Wöhr GmbH, Förderverein)
  • Rossini-Festival in Bad Wildbad
  • BBQ Bildung und Berufliche Qualifizierung gGmbH der Südwestmetall

We also support numerous clubs and institutions at our locations, as well as nationwide in their work,
in the cultural, sporting and social areas - and all of this for many years,
sustainable and happy!

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