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"Those who have stopped getting better have stopped being good"

We at Richard Wöhr GmbH work and live by this motto.  This means that we can guarantee you continual improvement
in the quality of our work.  Good communications throughout our whole team plus active dialogue with our customers, continual improvements and well-trained employees enable us to develop and implement new and innovative products and processes.    

For us compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001 means an open and trusting business relationship with you
as our customer or supplier.

Certificate EN ISO 9001

Certificate EN ISO 9001 as PDF
EN ISO 9001:    Deutsch / English

To remain faithful to our motto and to be able to do justice to the medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical manufacturing specifications requirements, we have, for some years, been certified to  EN ISO 13485 (Medizin).

This means that we are able to supply you with the option to have your input and indicator devices for medical applications developed and manufactured to your specifications. 

Certificate EN ISO 13485

Certificate EN ISO 13485 as PDF
EN ISO 13485:  Deutsch / English

We have not slackened off in our environmental offensive either and a long standing existing completed environmental certification to EN ISO 14001 established. It is very important to us that we manage our company to reduce our consumption of resources and environmental impact on a permanent basis, also with respect to future generations. 
The corresponding specifications and measures are embedded in our environmental guidelines and are implemented
on a continual basis.

Certificate EN ISO 14001

Certificate Werk 1 EN ISO 14001 as PDF
EN ISO 14001: Deutsch

Certificate EN ISO 14001

Certificate Werk 2 EN ISO 14001 as PDF
EN ISO 14001: Deutsch

In the course of expanding teamwork, we attach importance to reasoning and the ability to respond positively to criticism instead of having command structures.  A permanent in-house suggestion system was set up when the working circles were established and will continue to be supported.   We intend, therefore, to create an unconventional company culture and encourage our staff to use their own initiative. In connection with this certification to EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485 (Medicine) and EN ISO 14001 (Environment) are a key obligation. The targeted application of this process model underpins an individual and holistic management system.

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