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Our suppliers

As a quality- and environment-conscious enterprise with the certifications acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 (medicine) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment) we set high standards not only in terms of our own product development and production regarding

  • Quality
  • Process security in production
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Competitiveness
  • Long-term availability and
  • Sustainibility

Criteria for a successful supplier relationship

Our expectations of the product characteristics and ability to supply and of course an optimal price-performance ratio that includes the whole service is de...

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...cisive also when choosing our suppliers. After all we are - despite a large vertical range of manufacture - in a strongly collaborative, globalized world only a link in a more or less long supplier chain with the focus on our core competences.

Raw materials, components, technologies and ressources that enter in our production processes undergo a severe quality test. In this case we also work stra...

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...tegically and target-orinetedly. Thereby, our aims are especially the close connection of all suppliers to the company, the creation of a foundation of trust and the durable cooperation with efficient, innovative suppliers. In this case we see ourselves as a fair partner, giving a great importance to a win-win situation.

Steps on the way to a sustainable partnership are

  • Supplier Information
  • Classifications
  • Supplier's declarations
  • Initial sample delivery and test reports

At the beginning of a new supplier relationship usually sample deliveries are made that have to undergo a special receiving inspection.

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