Enclosure construction

We design custommade
enclsoure systems for your
electronics to protect them
from external influences.

 Input systems

Thanks to our input technologies
that can be flexibly combined,
we can control production plants

 System integration

We also help controlling and
visualizing your production
processes in clean rooms.


Thanks to modular construction,
we can transform standard
components into individual

 Surface technology

We create synergies between
functionality and aesthetics,
between optics and haptics -
because the first impression counts.

  • Enclosure construction
  • Input systems
  • System integration
  • Mechanics
  • Surface technology

Sales 4.0 – efficient and yet personal, thanks to video conferencing

Most recently since the Corona crisis, we have all come to know and appreciate the possibilities of online communication. The live exchange also has a number of advantages for our cooperation with customers and interested parties. We are happy to provide you an overview of this here.

People can see each other – there is much to be said for it
A web conference with your contact persons at Richard Wöhr GmbH usually turns out to be more suc...

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...cessful than a lot e-mails or telephone calls. We have technically optimal video conferencing facilities at our disposal, with which we can bring together all relevant specialists for you in a personal meeting. With a sharp picture and good sound, data and drawings can be assessed on a common screen and the advantage of a quick hand-drawn sketch can also be fully put to use online.

Gathering competence
Both for us and for you: In a web conference, experts from different fields can move a pro...

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...ject ahead together. With us, these are, for example, project managers, business persons or experts from the mechanical and electronic field. On the customer side - i.e. on your side - all internal participants (e.g. the purchase department, technicians, ...) can also participate without everyone having to invest a lot of time on the go.

Modern and efficient
From initial contact to negotiations and clarification of technical details: modern tech...

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...nology allows the quickest possible exchange, immediate clarification of questions and direct explanation of current offer constellations. We are glad to always be available for you, and the live presentation of products in our showroom is possible as well.

Quick exchange
With an online conversation, you and we can save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on or...

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...ganisation and travel. This time advantage can be put to good use for your project! Together we can find the right offer faster, start the production earlier and deliver quicker.

Less travel stress and more CO2 savings
Supported by advancing digitalisation, we are able to avoid unnecessary business trips. A video con...

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...ference therefore makes a lot of sense. And there is an additional benefit that will become the focus of a lot of attention in the coming years: With online meetings, you and we can effectively reduce the CO2 footprint of our products and our company that is caused by business travel.

The next steps
We would clearly appreciate it very much if we could increasingly conduct our business relation...

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...ships via the medium of video conferencing. Your contact persons at Richard Wöhr GmbH will always offer you this option. Nevertheless: We would like to meet you in person in the future as well!

TeamWÖHRken Sie mit uns! 
You can arrange a video/web conference by clicking on the button "callback".

Customer information on video/web conference

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