Enclosure construction

We design custommade
enclsoure systems for your
electronics to protect them
from external influences.

 Input systems

Thanks to our input technologies
that can be flexibly combined,
we can control production plants

 System integration

We also help controlling and
visualizing your production
processes in clean rooms.


Thanks to modular construction,
we can transform standard
components into individual

 Surface technology

We create synergies between
functionality and aesthetics,
between optics and haptics -
because the first impression counts.

  • Enclosure construction
  • Input systems
  • System integration
  • Mechanics
  • Surface technology

Input systems made by WÖHR | Foil keyboards & Touchscreen-Solutions & Industrial keyboards

Front foils and foil keyboards

With the aid of front foils and membrane keyboards, we are able to produce robust flat input systems in modern and customised designs. Our experience and competence guarantee you individual solutions with high product safety. Whether you wish simple labels, individual front foils or complete foil keyboards with appro...


...priate electronics and peripheral devices:

Our well-functioning project teams will find the most cost-effective solution for your requirements.
From engineering to realisation, we are your reliable, punctual and inexpensive partner.

Our keyboards are produced and tested according to the requirements of DIN 42115, Wöhr®-standards, catalogs of requirements of the European manufacturer association FT and customer specifications. For the production of our foil keyboards we use only high-quality materials that proved their value in daily use and that guarantee security, reliability and last but not least a long durabilty.


As an experienced specialist in the field of input and display systems, Richard Wöhr GmbH is able to offer a broad spectrum of touch screen products and services. We are not just a supplier of touch screens, we are your partner
for the end-to-end solution. In the SoluTouch® field we will find the optimised solution for your own particular application based on our versatile production facilities. This will be created by our project teams with cost optimisation in mind.

Industrial keyboards

We manufacture industrial keyboards, input systems, front foils and front panels for your industrial equipment or special application in standard or customized versions as:

  • Desktop keyboards
  • Medical and hygienic keyboards (with anti-microbial equipment)
  • Drawer keyboards
  • Built-in keyboards
  • Wall keyboards
  • Built-on keyboards
  • Special keyboards (vandal-proof, EX-protected)
  • Keyboards with night-design (with LEDs for backlighting)
  • and many more.

Today, keyboards are used in differ...


...ent fields. With regard to robustness against influences of weather, environment and mechanical treatment, chemical resistance, easy cleaning and handling (ergonomic and haptic) and way of mounting, they have to accomodate a variety of different requirements. We show you what is important and discuss with you the possible alternatives. In close cooperation with our customers we develop and produce also complete electronics modules with controller.

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