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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are quite frequently asked
The answers should help you to get some first information at any time,
but please do not hesitate to ask us directly for further or supplementary information.
We are looking forward to the dialogue with you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding this, we inform you about the following:

Data in CAD:

  • Dimension drawings acc. to DIN, if possible on a scale of 1:1
  • Outer contour, position of keys, breakthroughs, self-clinching fasteners, tail outlet and length tail as well as specific details measured on center and acc. to zero point (no incremental dimensions)
  • Length specification of studs/fasteners, whether they are active dimensions or fasteners
  • 2 D: DXF preferentially, DWG by according
  • 3 D: Step, Iges, SZA
  • CAD-program versions: AUTOCAD , CADDY, HICAD, Solidworks
  • Customer information about data format KDI00025

Data regarding the graphics-layout:

  • Preferred: CorelDraw (up to version 15)
  • EPS, AI, PDF-Files (without embedded bitmaps or only upon consultation)
  • Bitmaps as well as film templates upon consultation
  • Paper print-out or drawing
  • Mac-Data must be converted to curves
  • Supply fonts as true-type-fonts or indicate type and font size

Color definition:

  • RAL-K5-color fan
  • HKS K-fan
  • PANTONE-color fan
  • MARABU System 21
  • NCS
  • Color sample for color determination by measurement

Data transmission:

  • Medium: CD, memory card, download, mail, FTTP
  • Tel: +49 7081 9540-0
  • Fax: + 49 7081 9540- 90
  • e-Mail: CAD@woehrgmbh.de

One-off costs for films, screens, programmes, AV, documentation... are generally incurred in order to produce such products.

There are always two possibilities:

  1. list one-off costs separately
  2. apportion one-off costs to unit price

We have deliberately chosen the former, as it best reflects reality and is the fairest solution for all sides.

With us, one-off costs are really one-off costs, i.e. if the repeat order remains unchanged, they will no longer be incurred, no matter how much time lies between the orders.

The apportioning to the unit price has the disadvantages that those can only be predicted rarely and that you would have to pay the one-off costs (apportioned to the unit price) every time you place a repeat order again. Besides, the right issue would be left open, which would have negative effects on your spare part business, as far as the competitor would behave unseriously.

However, we offer to calculate samples of such parts after appraisal and then provide you with a quotation without showing one-off costs, provided this meets your requirements.

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