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Car park conversion at Wöhr

Expansion of the parking area at the Richard Wöhr GmbH in Höfen

After a rapid planning phase was the launch at the 09.05.2016 to the 6-week conversion of the entire parking area around the building of the Richard Wöhr GmbH Höfen. This modification is intended to provide more parking for the em...

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...ployees of the company and thus pave the way for the further growth of the family business. In addition, the now straight and closed surface provides a more comfortable parking situation than the previous gravel place, as well as protection for the environment because a special tar is applied, a so-called "Drain-Asphalt" (Name of a road surface from porous asphalt, i.e. there are no sealed surface, the water can seep). The area is processed and prepared in two phases. In the third step is completely tarred of the parking area.

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Parking area from above

08.07.2016 - The finished asphalted parking area

05.07.2016 - First asphalt lanes on the new parking area

30.06.2016 - Final preparations before asphalting



10.06.2016 - Start of construction with the 2nd section of the parking area

07.06.2016 - Further construction work in front of and behind the company building for the new parking area


25.05.2016 - Construction work on the parking area in front of the building continues

25.05.2016 - Drainage laying behind the company building is completed

20.05.2016 - Things are moving forward

18.05.2016 - Further drainage is laid behind the building

13.05.2016 - The employees form car pools

12.05.2016 - Excavations for drainage behind the building

10.05.2016 - First straightening work of the 1st section in front

09.05.2016 - Start of construction for the conversion of the car park area

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