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New entrance area at Wöhr

Renovation at the entrance area at the Richard Wöhr GmbH in Höfen

True to the motto "innovate, think ahead, move forward," will modernized the entrance of Richard Wöhr GmbH. The oldest and therefore the first building of the Richard Wöhr GmbH in Höfen, to enter the building should reflect to steady growth and the view towards the future. It created a bright and modern lobby with reception, waiting options, further meeting rooms and customer toilets.

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Welcome to Wöhr - the new entrance area

08.07.2016 - Further interior work


30.06.2016 - New facade cladding is installed

22.06.2016 - Further interior work in the new entrance area


06.06.2016 - Wooden construction for new facade cladding and paving work on the new staircase

02.06.2016 - Painting work on the entrance door is completed

20.05.2016 - Painting work at the entrance

18.05.2016 - Preparation for painting

12.05.2016 - Further work on the entrance area

10.03.2016 - A modern vestibule is created

Interior finishing of the entrance area

Further construction work on the facade

30.09.2015 - A new window front emerges

25.09.2015 - Start of conversion of the entrance area

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